SANDRA maintains 11 repeaters at 6 different locations, providing crystal clear coverage across San Diego and Imperial Counties as well as Orange and Los Angeles Counties. 

You do not need to be a member of SANDRA to use SANDRA repeaters, but if you are a frequent user, we would very much welcome your support!

View the video at the left and take a ride up Mt. Otay with the site clean-up crew!

Report a new repeater problem | Request Use of a SANDRA Repeater


SANDRA sponsors Nets on Sunday and Wednesday nights.  Our Nets are open to members and non-members alike.  You are welcome to list for sale or wanted items on SANDRA nets as long as they are ham radio related.  Amateur Radio Newsline is featured after roll call on the Sunday night Net.

When SANDRA Nets are held, the 2m, 220 and 440 repeaters on each hilltop are linked together.  You can check-in from any one of the three repeaters on Otay or Laguna.  The repeaters are only linked during Nets and in emergency situations.  Normal status for the repeaters is for them to operate independently of each other.

Otay Net Control Operators Laguna Net Control Operators
1st Sunday N6JOJ 1st Wednesday K6GAO
2nd Sunday KJ6SON 2nd Wednesday K6GAO
3rd Sunday AI6O 3rd Wednesday K6GAO
4th Sunday KI6VIA 4th Wednesday WB6CGJ
5th Sunday KG6TDP 5th Wednesday K6GAO
  Net Manager:  N6JOJ   Net Manager:  K6GAO
  • Sunday night (8:00 PM) SANDRA Net:  Mt. Otay - Newsline immediately follows roll call.
  • Wednesday night (7:30 PM) SANDRA Net:  Mt. Laguna

Club members interested in becoming a primary Net control operator for either one of our established Nets or wishing to be registered as a Net control backup operator should visit our "Become Involved" page.

Please note that the Mt. Otay and Mt. Laguna UHF frequencies were swapped in May, 2011 and the 220 frequencies were swapped in Aug, 2012.

  • Otay was 449.500 and is now 449.200
  • Otay was 224.200 and is now 224.060
  • Laguna was 449.200 and is now 449.500
  • Laguna was 224.060 and is now 224.200

of Service

Call Sign Location Input Output Notes Status
WB6WLV Mt. Otay 146.040 146.640  
WB6WLV Mt. Otay 222.460 224.060 Linked to Hi-Pass
WB6WLV Mt. Otay 444.200 449.200 Analog FM or Digital C4FM
WB6WLV Mt. Otay 1270.300 1282.300  
WB6WLV Mt. Laguna 147.750 147.150  
WB6WLV Mt. Laguna 222.460 224.200   
WB6WLV Mt. Laguna 444.500 449.500   Analog FM or Digital C4FM
K6GAO Hi-Pass 144.680 145.280 Linked to Otay 224.060 MHz.
W6SS Lyon's Peak 146.865 146.265  
WA6AIL Sharp Hospital 147.285 147.885


WB6WLV San Diego 442.320 447.320    / * Analog FM or Digital C4FM
  Emergency Power Available   On the air and operational.
  Technical problems; down for repair   Off the air due to failure; serious site issue

Packet / Digital
Call Sign Location Freq Baud Notes Status
WB6WLV-11 Mt. Laguna 144.390 1200 APRS digi-peater
WB6WLV-1 Mt. Otay 145.090 1200 Node:  OTAY

All SANDRA Repeaters use PL 107.2 | Repeater Status Updated

* The 442.320/447.320 repeater is located at the San Diego Solar Turbines administrative headquarters


Many local clubs and organizations use SANDRA repeaters for nets, drills and other activities.  SANDRA supports equal access on a non-exclusive basis to its repeaters for all local clubs and groups who first request to use SANDRA repeaters for their activities.

SANDRA has a responsibility to maintain a list of all groups that use SANDRA repeaters for formal activities, including the days, times and duration of scheduled use.  This helps ensure there are no scheduling conflicts between two or more groups. It also helps ensure that our repeaters are continually accessible by our members, since no single group is permitted to have exclusive use of any repeater at any time.


In actual emergency situations, SANDRA defers to FCC part 97.101, subparagraph (c):

97.101 General standards.

(c) At all times and on all frequencies, each control operator must give priority to stations providing emergency communications, except to stations transmitting communications for training drills and tests in RACES

Please note also that ARES will be given priority but not sole use of the repeaters during actual emergency conditions.

For more information about SANDRA policy related to repeater use, nets and operations, please refer to the SANDRA club operating policy manual, Section 1, Paragraphs 2 and 3


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