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New Badges

Order Form for Badges  


SANDRA members who help support our repeater network may be invited to join SANDRATECH

Here it is!  As you can see, we have a new callsign/name badge.  I think it looks pretty terrific.  Thanks to Barbie, WA6URS, who got the ball rolling, we now have a finished product.   

Here’s what you do.  Print of the order form and fill It out completely.  BE LEGIBLE IN YOUR WRITING.   Make out a check for nine dollars ($9.00) payable to SANDRA, INC.  Send the check and the completed form to:

                SANDRA Inc.

                P.O. Box 81103

                San Diego, CA  92138

 Yes, it needs to be a check, as Ken and the treasury are not set up for Paypal or for cash. Once Ken gets your check and information, I will get the order in and make arrangements for pickup and/or delivery with you.  Frankly, the badge is better looking than my picture indicates.  Very attractive AND the process is simple.  Get your order in today.



Ed Felter AI6O, President


Squelch Tales, our club newsletter, is the official publication of SANDRA

Squelch Tales notice:  SANDRA experienced a printing and publishing interruption in 2008 and 2009.  In 2010, SANDRA restarted Squelch Tales publishing and mailings four times per year.

Historical copies of Squelch Tales dating back to 1972 can be found HERE 

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