SANDRA welcomes and encourages its membership to become involved in a variety of club activities.  There are many ways to participate, with several requiring just a fraction of your time.  Level of commitment is totally up to you.

Club Business and Operations:  Members interested in becoming involved in club business and operations can select from individually participating on an ad-hoc committee (30 to 90 day commitment) to holding an office on the board of directors (one year commitment after one year as a member of good standing).  More about the roles and responsibilities of club officers and elected officials as well as committee chairs and committee members can be found in our club policy manual.

Club Social and Technical Activities:  Participating in club activities is a great opportunity for both new and long time members to help support the club core.  Some activities are strictly social, while others may be more technical.  Here is a brief outline of the types of activities in which we welcome you to participate:

  • Repeater Site Maintenance:  Bi-annual maintenance of the Mt. Otay repeater site, including brush clearing, site sweeping and road mending.  Requires good physical conditioning and the ability to work outdoors in the sun for at least 2-hours.
  • Repeater Equipment Maintenance:  Perform site walks to assess the condition of antenna and lines, tower condition and building condition; perform diagnostics of radio equipment (check/adjust frequency and deviation, measure site voltages and current, tune duplexers, check for loose connectors, strained cables or faulty components, etc.); help repair faulty site equipment removed from repeater site.
  • Repeater Expansion/Enhancement:  Assistance in developing and implementing new system enhancements such as controller programming, back-up power systems and updates to existing system designs.
  • Parties, Picnics and Outings:  Help with set-up and break-down of tables, chairs and decorations at the club's December holiday party; provide transportation for equipment to and from SANDRA events; assist committee chairs with administrative activities at club events (taking tickets, selling door prizes, etc.)
  • Public Relations:  Promote the club by sharing flyers and promotional material at appropriate locations and events; share new ideas for public relations activities with the board of directors and help implement them; represent the club at the annual Del Mar Fair ham radio booth.
  • Net Control:  Register as a SANDRA net control operator (Sunday nights @ 8:00 PM or Wednesday nights @ 7:30 PM) to assist the repeater managers with net management and provide back-up to primary net control if needed.

If you are interested in any one or more of the opportunities listed above, or if you have some ideas of your own, please complete the short form below.  An officer of SANDRA will gladly contact you to answer any questions you may have.

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