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There are several ways to contact SANDRA

1. Send the entire board of directors an email message
2. Write the board a letter

3. Leave the board a voicemail message
4. Join the "wb6wlv" Yahoo group

1. Send an Email Message to the SANDRA Board of Directors

The message you type in the box below will be sent to all members of the SANDRA board simultaneously.  Share a compliment or a complaint, a question or a concern; the SANDRA board is always eager to hear from you! (questions about your membership status should be sent directly to our membership chair for prompt action)

Your email address:
Your call sign:
  Please type in the validate box to prove you are a human.

By selecting submit, your message will be sent to all members of the SANDRA board.

2. Send a Letter to the SANDRA Board of Directors

If you would rather write a letter and mail it to the SANDRA board, please send your letter to the following address:

P.O. Box 81103
San Diego, CA  92138

3. Leave a Voice Mail Message for the SANDRA Board of Directors

SANDRA information line:  (888) 683-8233

4. Join the WB6WLV Yahoo group

A great way to stay in touch with SANDRA members, keep informed of upcoming events and share your thoughts and ideas with everyone.

Click here to join wb6wlv
Click to join "wb6wlv"

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