In 1968, the San Diego Amateur FM Radio Relay Association (SDAFMRRA) was formed.  By 1972 the association had grown to more than 100 members and its name was changed to the San Diego Repeater Association (SANDRA).








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The San Diego Repeater Association is a 501 (c)(4) nonprofit organization.  SANDRA does not warranty access nor make uptime guarantees to any user; member or non-member.  All membership dues are regarded as nonrefundable donations.

We Are the San Diego Repeater Association

In The Beginning

The founders of SANDRA first organized as a group of VHF enthusiasts in the early 1960's.  This first small group called themselves the "VHF Club".  As repeaters became more popular and the VHF Club grew, it was time for a new name.  The VHF Club renamed itself to the "San Diego Amateur FM Radio Relay Association" (SDAFMRRA).  A few years later the SDAFMRRA evolved into SANDRA.

View a chronology of local events that resulted in the creation of SANDRA.  Thank you Ken Decker WA6OSB, for sharing this piece of history with us.

Working Towards the Future

It was a very young SANDRA that foresaw the explosive growth of repeater use across Southern California.  In the early 1970's, SANDRA worked with Los Angeles VHF enthusiasts on a repeater band plan to help foster cooperation between the fast growing forest of southland repeaters and repeater groups.  It was during this early period that the SANDRA 2-meter repeater on Mt. Otay was accredited by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office to provide emergency communications for the San Diego County Humane Society.


Today, SANDRA maintains 11 repeaters at 6 different sites, providing crystal clear coverage across San Diego and Imperial Counties and into Orange and Los Angeles Counties. The repeaters are frequented by several hundred members and visitors each week and support communications for a variety of emergency and disaster preparedness groups such as ARES and RACES, and friendly regulars who like to rag chew during the morning and evening drive.

SANDRA also provides free services to its members and the local Ham community in general through sponsorship of no-cost, radio clinics to help fix radios that might be off frequency and assure deviation is properly set.  We also sponsor an annual holiday party with prizes, and delight our members with interesting guest speakers at our regular membership meetings.

SANDRA has always been and continues to be an organization dedicated to achieving excellence in everything we do.

SANDRA History

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Our members are the true keepers of SANDRA history, and often we'll be approached by a member who, in the process of cleaning up the ham shack or garage, uncovers a box or two of SANDRA documents or an old SANDRA photo album.

Keeping old documents and photos safe is a perfect job for our club historian.  The club historian is appointed by the president.  It is the historian's duty to be the keeper of historical SANDRA memorabilia of all kinds, whenever practical of course.

SANDRA has a long and rich history, so much that we had to create another website just to share it.  The SANDRA History website is where you will find historical club documents, past copies of the club newsletter "Squelch Tales" dating back as far as the early 1970's, photos of SANDRA activities and more. 

An ARRL Affiliated Club since 1977

In May of 1977, SANDRA became an ARRL affiliated club.  We are proud of our affiliation and encourage our members to support the league.

As an ARRL affiliated club, SANDRA is provided with discounted equipment insurance for our repeater sites as well as coverage for liability at club events.  And when a member joins or renews their ARRL membership through SANDRA, that member is helping SANDRA at the same time! The ARRL club commission membership recruitment program helps make this happen.


SANDRA's Role in Public Safety and Community Service

The San Diego Repeater Association is committed to providing ham radio communications for Public Safety and Community activities. Our Lyons Peak, Sharp Hospital, Kearny Mesa and Mount Laguna amateur sites are equipped with emergency back-up generators to ensure reliable, ongoing communications during times of emergency operation.

SANDRA supports a wide variety of community & public service events:

ARES Charter, 1978
ARES 1978 Charter of Affiliation 

SANDRA also supports several local area ham clubs who do not have repeaters of their own.  These clubs rely upon SANDRA repeaters for their nets and special event communications, and we are happy to help them.

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